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Montgomery County does well in the "Best of the Southern Auto Corridor"

Nov 3, 2017, 10:28 AM

Montgomery County does well in the "Best of the Southern Auto Corridor"

November 3, 2017

Montgomery County, Virginia
Economic Development Department


Montgomery County, Virginia – Southern Business & Development magazine just released its Best of the Southern Auto Corridor list.  This list is a continuation of the "Best of Economic Development in the American South" series from Southern Business & Development magazine.

There were 10 categories per state based on Southern Business & Development's knowledge of the auto industry in the region, data from SouthernAutoCorridor, and a poll of members from the Southern Economic Development Roundtable.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute ranked in the top 4 for Best in Automotive R&D in Virginia.  Federal Mogul ranked in the top 4 for Virginia's Most Important Employers in the Automotive Industry.  And Montgomery County ranked in the top 4 for Best Places in Western Virginia for Parts Suppliers.

Another Montgomery County business that received votes within the 10 categories was Corning as a Virginia's Most Important Employers in the Automotive Industry.  Some of Virginia's Best Assets for the Automotive Industry were the right to work laws and easy access to the South, Northeast, and Midwest, which are also major assets in Montgomery County.

To read more about the other rankings and important factors of the Southern Auto Corridor, please check out the Summer 2017 issue of Southern Business & Development magazine or visit


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