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Montgomery County Department of Economic Development (MCDED)

The Montgomery County, Virginia Department of Economic Development (MCDED) is a one-stop resource and single point of contact for companies looking for help with their relocation or business expansion plans in Montgomery County-Blacksburg-Christiansburg, Virginia.

As part of our mission to ensure the success and growth of the our local economy, we are committed to helping national businesses find a home in our community while also providing services and support to those companies already here.  

MCDED can provide your business with vital business tools such as Montgomery County demographics, financing, site selection and redevelopment services. We can also act as an intermediary between you and our public/private-sector partners to help your business thrive in Montgomery County-Blacksburg-Christiansburg and beyond.

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The Montgomery County Department of Economic Development (MCDED) offers a number of free and confidential services and resources to help companies large and small. We welcome the opportunity to provide direct assistance to companies interested in starting, expanding or relocating a business in Montgomery County, Blacksburg and Christiansburg. Contact us today!