The Montgomery County, Va., Department of Economic Development is a local government agency serving the county residents by carrying out the Board of Supervisors’ vision and policies for economic development in Montgomery County. 

The Economic Development Department's mission is to improve the quality of life throughout Montgomery County (i.e. Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Elliston-Shawsville and Riner) by encouraging positive economic growth that 1) creates meaningful career opportunities for county residents, 2) expands the commercial tax base to support the delivery of vital public services and 3) protects our enviable quality of life.

The Department accomplishes its mission through the following strategies, including: 

  • BUSINESS RETENTION & EXPANSION - Our business retention and expansion program supports the viability and growth of companies already in Montgomery County.
  • BUSINESS ATTRACTION & MARKETING - Our business attraction and marketing efforts attract new businesses to Montgomery County by marketing the community to site consultants, corporate real estate executives and prospective businesses.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT - Our entrepreneurial development activities support the startup and growth of new businesses in Montgomery County.
  • WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT - Our workforce development initiatives strengthen the local labor force to match the needs of Montgomery County industries.
  • COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT & REUSE - Our commercial real estate development & reuse initiatives ensure that Montgomery County has adequate infrastructure, sites and buildings to support economic growth.
  • COMMUNICATIONS & OUTREACH - Our communications and outreach efforts strategically leverage various digital mediums to spread the exciting things happing in Montgomery County.

Some of the projects the Economic Development has had the privelage to work on include:

  • Old Blacksburg Middle School Redevelopment Project - The Department was responsible for overseeing the demolition of the former school, including asbestos abatement. 
  • Commerce Street Extension - Partnered with the Town of Blacksburg to extend Commerce St in the Blacsburg Industrial Park.  The extention opened up 70 additional acres for development in the park.
  • Inorganic Ventures Relocation - Successfully assisted the company relocate to Falling Branch Corporate Park in Christiansburg from New Jersey.
  • Blacksburg Technology Manufacturing Building - Oversaw the construction of the 105,000 SF building in the Blacksburg Industrial Park.  The building contains a 10,000 SF cleanroom and is currently being leased to InMotion and Luna Innovations by the Economic Development Authority of Montgomery County. 
  • Rowe Furniture Relocation - Successfully assisted the company relocate to open a plant in the Elliston Industrial Park.  
  • Falling Branch Corporate Park -  Oversaw the development of a 175 industrial park in Christiansburg.

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The Montgomery County Department of Economic Development (MCDED) offers a number of free and confidential services and resources to help companies large and small. We welcome the opportunity to provide direct assistance to companies interested in starting, expanding or relocating a business in Montgomery County, Blacksburg and Christiansburg. Contact us today!