State & Local Business Taxes

Virginia Taxes

Nationally recognized for its conservative fiscal practices, Virginia has one of the fairest and most stable tax structures of the 50 states. Both businesses and individuals carry their share of the tax load. The General Assembly has kept taxes on industry competitive and has eliminated many tax irritants. The state corporate income tax rate, one of the lowest in the nation, has not increased since 1972. Virginia also offers a very modest local tax bill for industry. Items taxed at the state level are not taxed at the local level, with the exception of sales and use tax; and Virginia taxes new and existing industries equally.

Local Taxes

In Virginia, towns are are political subdivision of counties and provide public services in lieu of, or in addition to, those provided by their respective county.  Businesses operating within an incorporated town may be subject to certain county and/or town taxes.

Blacksburg Industrial Park is located within the incorporated Town of Blacksburg.  To view a comprehensive listing of local taxes within this area of Montgomery County, click on the link below:

Available Building

Over 50,000 sq. ft. available for lease at the Technology Manufacturing Building in the Blacksburg Industrial Park, including a 11,000 sq. ft. Class 1,000 clean room.  LEARN MORE

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